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Sports Massage: A World of Opportunities

By Mike Hovi, Program Director at The Soma Institute I love sports. For most of my life, I’ve watched them and played them, and for the 12 years I spent as a high school teacher, I coached them. It’s always been important to me that I stay involved in sports, but when I got involved…
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I’ve Been There: Soma’s Passion for Helping Students

By Dee Smith, Instructor at The Soma Institute Nationwide, there is a new trend toward career changes. It’s a new phenomenon to the rest of the world, but one I know well and one we see play out over and over again at Soma. It’s also my story. I’m a practicing clinical massage therapist and…
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Back-to-School Health and Wellness Tips and Recipe

By Monique Costello, Instructor at The Soma Institute For some families, the first day of school can be a shock to the system. Just getting out the door on time can be a challenge. To cut down on that stress, it’s important to recognize that children follow their parents’ lead. If parents are stressed and…
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My Passion for Entrepreneurship

By Joan Hannant, Founder & CEO of The Soma Institute A recent student survey we distributed at Soma came back with some eye-popping results. 97% of our current student body hope to own their own business one day. 97%! That is almost every single student! This is incredibly inspiring, and it brings two of my…
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Avoiding Injuries from Summer Activities

By Joan Hannant, Founder & CEO of The Soma Institute There is a new wave of excitement in the air these days. In the Midwest, summer weather has a way of doing that. We’ve made it through the long, cold winter, and one look outside shows you how excited people are to get out and…
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