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Category Archives: Massage Therapy Career

Careers in Massage Therapy

Future of Massage Therapy Massage therapists use touch to treat their clients’ bodies, manipulating soft-tissue to relieve pain, improve circulation, increase relaxation, rehabilitate injuries, and aid in the overall wellness of their clients. Although it was originally considered a luxury for wealthier clients, massage therapy has more recently evolved into the mainstream and is increasingly…
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Massage with a Purpose

The Soma Institute believes in massage with a purpose. Soma’s Clinical Massage Therapy program prepares you to do more than just traditional massage—we prepare you for the career of your dreams. With industry support and hands-on training, Soma trains its students to become ambassadors to health. Students are trained in the main elements of massage,…
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Career in Massage

Career in Massage “I truly love what I do and I thank Soma for giving me the knowledge and training to be able to provide this service for people.” Soma Graduate, Eliel Royster The Soma Institute is dedicated to providing the theoretical knowledge and continued expert support to help our students launch rewarding and successful…
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