Balancing Mind & Body with One Routine

Pilates, running, biking or lifting with a personal trainer may give you the physique you are after, but they will not strengthen your mind. Learning a new language or skill, playing brain or memory games and even meditation may help you strengthen your mind. But, how will you keep the scale in check? What good is having a strong body if your mind is weak!

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Pregnancy Related Low Back Pain

A drastic transformation occurs in a woman’s body during pregnancy. High levels of hormones cause ligaments around the pelvis to relax to allow for easier labor and delivery. As the ligaments relax and stretch and a woman begins to carry extra weight, she can begin to experience low back pain and even sciatica. So, what can a pregnant woman do to ease her pain?

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The Stress of Relaxing

Before embarking on a career as a massage therapist (and later as a massage teacher) I thought massage therapists all behaved a certain way. I imagined they were all meditative, sandal-wearing, chilled out, wheat grass drinking, mindful, Ghandi-quoting Chia seed enthusiasts who sat around discussing their favorite chanting monk CDs.
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Want your morning coffee to keep you going longer?

What helps you get going in the morning? A morning cup-o-joe? I take mine with cream and nothing else. What about adding in some butter? You might be asking yourself why would anyone want to add butter to their coffee? Well, it is the latest trend in coffee drinking, but Tibetans have been drinking yak butter in their tea for years! Millions are now following this latest coffee drinking trend and say that they have energy that lasts for hours. That would be great, right? Continue reading

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Massage

Statistics show that around 350,000 to 500,000 people in the United States have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It is more common in women and Caucasians and is usually diagnosed in people between the ages of 20 to 50.

The symptoms of MS can vary person to person but the common symptoms tend to be weakness, spasticity, balance problems, vision loss, numbness, tremors and fatigue. People that have MS may have times where they experience symptoms daily and then they may go into remission and have little to no symptoms at all. Continue reading

Massage for Migraines

Massage for MigrainesA severe, throbbing head, nausea, vomiting, extreme sensitivity to light and sound are just a few of the signs/symptoms that migraine sufferers can experience. Some migraines creep up with no warning. Others will give a days notice that they are on their way. According to the American Migraine Foundation, about 12% of the population suffers from migraines. Migraine sufferers are more at risk for developing anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and fatigue.[1] Continue reading

Tips to create your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s almost that time again!

I know it’s only mid-December but it’s never too early to start thinking about new resolutions for 2014. Each December I start thinking about things I need to improve upon or things I want to learn to do or get better at. Most years my resolutions don’t make it past February but each year I am hopeful they will. Why is it that the majority of us don’t seem to keep our resolutions? Could it be that our resolutions are too ambitious or that we are a little low on willpower?

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Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

What’s not to love about the holiday season- family, gift giving, food, STRESS?! As much as I love the holiday season, I’m always overwhelmed and stressed by the end of it all (does this sound like you?).

Each year I try my best to be organized and run ahead of schedule but all my planning never seems to pay off. This year I am resolved to go with the flow and worry less about getting everything done so that I can actually enjoy the holidays. Continue reading

Control back pain with massage and exercise

The Today Show has launched a series called “Feeling Better Head to Toe”. On October 21, 2013 the series focused on back pain and the segment was entitled “Back pain making you miserable? Feel better with exercise, rest”. The show stated that 80% of Americans will experience a back problem at least once in their lives, and more than 25 million Americans between the ages of 25 and 64 frequently have back pain. Continue reading

Geriatric Massage: A growing trend

We know that the baby boomers make up a huge portion of our population and as the years keep passing by, the baby boomers are aging. According to the National Institute on Aging, in 2020 one in five Americans will be over 65 years of age. If you haven’t had additional training in geriatric massage, it is something you should strongly consider. As the geriatric population grows, so could your massage practice. Continue reading

Coconut Water: Better Than Regular?

On occasion, I am out and about and forget my refillable water bottle which forces me to buy bottled water. The last time this happened I noticed that my choices for water have grown far more expansive than I realized. I was familiar with the flavored waters, seltzer waters and water packed with special vitamins, but I wasn’t as familiar with coconut water, which seems to be the latest craze. Continue reading

Aromatherapy and Massage: A powerful duo

Aromatherapy healing uses fragrances emitted by essential oils (natural oils without chemicals or artificial ingredients) that get inhaled through our nose and cause the limbic system region of our brain to be stimulated. The limbic system controls our emotions, mood and is linked to memory. Continue reading

Let your phone help you lose weight and get fit!

I don’t know about you, but my cell phone plays a big role in my life.

It sounds crazy but my phone is like my own personal assistant. I use it to communicate, bank, read books, find recipes, check the weather and find out what’s happening in the world. Does this sound like you? If it does, why not let your phone help you lose weight and get fit? Continue reading

Obamacare and Wellness – Getting America Healthy

You are probably aware that the United States has an obesity epidemic. According to the National Center for Health Statistics (2009), obesity rates for adults and children have more than doubled since the 1970s and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that the direct and indirect medical costs of obesity in the United States, in 2008, were $147 billion. Continue reading

Massage: effective treatment for low back pain

According to the Global Burden of Disease, 2010, low back pain is the single leading cause of disability in the United States.[1] It is the second most common reason for seeing a doctor in the United States, following coughs and respiratory infections.[2] And 8 out of 10 people will have low back pain at some point in their life.[3] Continue reading

Eating healthy is a key part of wellness

You have probably read about the negative affects that chemical pesticides and hormones can have on your health and how eating organically is better for your health. For those of you who are on a budget, you have probably wondered how you can eat organically without going over your grocery budget. When you decide to make the switch to organic food, you don’t have to buy everything organic all at once. Here is a list of the top 12 foods to buy organic, these are sometimes referred to as “The Dirty Dozen”: Continue reading

Massage, The Natural Sleep Aid

According to the National Institutes of Health, more than 40 million Americans suffer from chronic, long term sleep disorders and an additional 20 million report sleeping problems occasionally. Stress and anxiety are two big reasons Americans are missing out on sleep. Continue reading

Reducing Stress with Massage and Mindfulness

Many Americans feel stress coming at them from every direction. Money, work, job stability, and home life are just some of the many stressors Americans cited as causing their never ending battle with stress, according to the American Psychological Association’s Stress in American 2010 Survey. The survey also showed that American’s are dealing with stress in unhealthy ways and that the stress parents are feeling is starting to trickle down to their children.  We as a nation are overwhelmed by stress. We must get our stress under control by changing our lifestyles and behaviors. Continue reading