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Health and Wellness When it’s Needed Most

By Joan Hannant, Founder & CEO of The Soma Institute

When we decided to launch an online Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Program at The Soma Institute, we had no idea just how important that decision would be. By all accounts, 2020 has been one of the most challenging years this country has ever seen. COVID-19 has affected each and every one of our lives and pushed us into uncharted territory. Whether it’s working from home, unemployment, home schooling or social isolation - the challenges are many. They have a lot of us putting our own well-being on the back burner. The murder of George Floyd has also turned our country’s attention to the issues of social justice and systemic racism that can not and should not be pushed aside.

The Business of Helping People

By Joan Hannant, Founder & CEO of The Soma Institute

The Soma Institute was built on the idea of helping people. Students come to us because they are passionate about the idea of a career where they can help people heal naturally. My passion and the passion of our staff is to help our students succeed both in the classroom and after graduation.

COVID-19 changed all of our worlds dramatically. My heart breaks as I think about those in Illinois and around the world who have lost loved ones to this virus. As I look out the window, I see a quiet city and empty streets as people shelter in place. The challenges are many, and they are not easy to navigate. But, when the world throws you a global pandemic, you can't just shut down. You have to continue to innovate and continue to help more people.


Can Clinical Massage Help with Nerve Injury?

Clinical Massage therapy in Nerve Injury

If you’ve ever felt a shooting, tingling sensation down your leg or quick, sharp pain after lifting something or playing sports, you likely have experienced a nerve injury. Often, the pain is just a temporary nuisance, but it can also be debilitating. Clinical massage therapy can often relieve pain caused by nerve injury.


Clinical Massage Therapy Alumni Spotlight: Ashley Smith


The SOMA Institute offers 11 month and 15 month Clinical Massage Therapy programs designed to accommodate busy schedules. In the 11 month program, students attend class 2 full days a week, while the 15 month students attend class all day on Saturday and one evening during the week. Students learn both wellness massage and more specific clinical techniques to improve range of motion, decrease pain, and improve posture. Massage therapy is a rewarding career and the SOMA Institute can help you achieve your goal of becoming a therapist that creates change in the world.


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Keeton Phillips

Take a look at one of the Soma Institute's faculty members who is here to help provide guidance, support and words of wisdom to students via our Career Services Center. Keeton helps students and alumni with job placement and more!