Massage Helps Reduce Postpartum Anxiety

from Massage Magazine

The study, “The effect of slow-stroke back massage on the anxiety levels of Iranian women on the first postpartum day,” involved 100 primiparous women, or first-time mothers, with normal deliveries. The women, whose average age was 22, were randomly assigned to either the massage group or the control group.

On the first postpartum day, the mothers in the massage group received 20 minutes of slow-stroke back massage. In the control group, one of the researchers stayed with each new mother in a quiet room for a period of 20 minutes.

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Living Your Passion and Purpose: A Portrait

From Huffington Post:

I’m about to tell you a story that may seem impossible to believe. But I promise you, every single word is true. I’m going to tell you the story of a woman who loves her career so much that she is breaking every industry norm in her field.

My massage therapist, Ruth (She gave me permission to use her real name.) has been doing massage full time for 29 years. And when I say “full time” it’s really more like double time - she works seven days a week - simply because she loves it that much!

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Regular Massage Therapy Eases Pain and Fatigue of MS1, Small Study Reports

From Multiple Sclerosis News Today:

Regular massage therapy given people with multiple sclerosis (MS) significantly reduced their pain and fatigue, and helped to ease spasticity, a small pilot study reports. The results further support previous findings as to the benefits of massage
in treating MS symptoms and improving patients’ quality of life.

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Better Than it Sounds: Get a Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Seriously)

From Organic Authority:

With so many alternative wellness treatments available it’s sometimes hard to keep up. One such treatment, the lymphatic drainage massage, is a technique known for its ability to detoxify the body. But what is it, exactly? Where does the “drainage” go? And is it really effective at detoxifying the body as so many enthusiasts claim? Let’s take a closer look at lymphatic drainage massage.

What’s the Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is made up of vessels, nodes, and lymph glands. It also contains “sacs” with pores that gather metabolic waste. The tonsils, spleen, and thymus, for example, are all parts of the lymphatic system. However, unlike the heart, the center of the body’s other circulatory system, the lymphatic system doesn’t have its own pump. As a result, it relies on the breath and other movement to drain lymph. For most of us, the body is perfectly capable of draining itself. But sickness, poor diet, lack of physical activity, and other issues can compromise the system, resulting in a need for assisted lymphatic drainage.

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Hands Transcend Technology – Massage Therapy Jobs Predicted to Grow 22% by 2024

From PR Web:

Massage therapy continues, however, to be a robust and profitable profession. The massage therapy profession is expected to grow 22% between 2014 and 2024, much faster than all other jobs. The median pay for massage therapists is $38,000 a year. The profession requires a license in most states and the successful completion of 500 hour or more of vocational training plus passing the national certification exam. Considering that one’s hands will make money over many years, the minimal cost of entering this profession, on average $9,000, is a smart investment in a healthy profitable future.

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