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Essential Skills Massage Therapists Should Have

Essential Skills Massage Therapists Should Have

By Joan Hannant, Founder & CEO of The Soma Institute

Starting a Massage Therapy Business

Looking to become a highly sought-after massage therapist? Here's what you need to know.

3 Effective Skills You Should Have If You're Starting Out Your Massage Practice

Massage therapists can assist individuals in leading more balanced lives by relieving pain and stress, promoting their general wellness, and more.


To become a successful massage therapist, you need more than technical expertise. Some fundamental skills you must possess include:

  1. Effective Communication: Besides giving a massage and making the space comfortable, you must communicate clearly and efficiently with them. You must explain to your client what you want to do and what you require of them. You can better grasp a client's needs by posing questions that prompt them to provide details about their background, wellness objectives, and issues.
  2. Understanding and Empathy: Clients can have a range of problems, such as pain and tension, stress, anxiety, and even repressed emotions and blockages. So, your clients will connect with you more if you are empathetic and they feel heard and understood. The trust you have built with them will increase the likelihood of them providing repeat business.
  3. Flexibility: A therapist should be able to adjust to their client's individual preferences. While certain clients prefer deep tissue treatments, gentle pressure is preferred by others. An adaptable therapist can easily make these adjustments and provide clients with a customized experience.


In any scenario, all these skills should be backed up by solid massage therapy training. At the Soma Institute, we aim to kickstart your massage career by providing hands-on experience. So, contact us today to master these essentials.