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Pregnancy Related Low Back Pain

Pregnancy Related Low Back Pain

By Amber Mills.

A drastic transformation occurs in a woman’s body during pregnancy. High levels of hormones cause ligaments around the pelvis to relax to allow for easier labor and delivery. As the ligaments relax and stretch and a woman begins to carry extra weight, she can begin to experience low back pain and even sciatica. So, what can a pregnant woman do to ease her pain?

There are a few different things that may be able to bring relief to pregnant women experiencing low back pain and sciatica during pregnancy:

Massage: find a massage therapist who is trained in prenatal massage. According to research done by The Touch Research Institute, massage during pregnancy can decrease depression, anxiety, leg and low back pain.

Exercise: movement can help relieve pain and inflammation. Pelvic tilts and Kegel exercises will help promote better posture, which will decrease the pressure on the sciatic nerve and  the pain felt in the low back.

Lift correctly: when lifting children or household items squat and lift with your legs. Never lift from the waist or back with straight legs.

Side sleep: sleeping on one’s side with support pillows between bent knees and under the abdomen can help to take stress and strain off the low back and promote more restful sleep.

The benefits of massage along with proper exercise, lifting and sleep can help improve the pregnant client’s health throughout her pregnancy. Usually the low back pain and sciatica associated with pregnancy is short-term, and will resolve after childbirth. If pain is ever severe, a medical professional should be consulted.

Amber MillsAmber Mills – Curriculum Director

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