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Careers in Health and Wellness Coaching

Careers in Health and Wellness Coaching

Have you dreamt of a career as a Health & Wellness Coach? Are you ready to pursue a career helping others? If so, The Soma Institute of Chicago, Illinois is the right place for you.

Because of today’s growing trends of obesity, depression, and disease, careers in Health & Wellness Coaching are needed more than ever. The Soma Institute in Chicago tackles this increasing demand in the healthcare system by training mentors in this rewarding and challenging career.

Medical doctors can only take their patients so far. Health Coaches have a unique skill and ability to motivate their clients to make lasting changes and develop habits for a lifetime. Health & Wellness Coaches work to integrate all facets of a person’s overall well-being, health, happiness, and spirituality.

Health Coaches can move on to careers in:

  • Private  & Corporate practices
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Gyms & Spas

If you’re ready to launch your own career as a Health & Wellness Coach, call an admissions representative at The Soma Institute today, at 1-800-694-5314.