Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Program

Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Program

Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Program

As the country deals with the consequences of epidemic levels of chronic disease and obesity, The Soma Institute in Chicago is determined to be part of the solution. The Health & Wellness Coaching Certificate program at Soma is considered an innovative approach to addressing the health challenges the nation faces.  Through hands-on training and industry support, Soma prepares its students to come up with strategies for coaching people with health challenges and enabling them to make lasting changes.

Besides motivational techniques, disease prevention, and habits for weight loss, students also learn ethics in coaching, self-care strategies, and practical business approaches to turning coaching into a successful and rewarding career.  Most of Soma’s students are working or have families, so classes run just two nights a week and can be completed in 15 weeks.

Students move on to careers in private practices, health clubs, spas, medical offices, corporations, and more.  According to Hewitt Associates, 67% of American companies have or plan to have coaching programs to help boost worker health. That’s great news for the country—and for those interested in pursuing a career in health coaching!

If you’d like more information about Soma’s 15-week Health & Wellness Coaching course, give an Admissions Representative a call at 1-800-694-5314. A rewarding career is waiting for you.

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