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Choose your new career path with confidence

Choose your new career path with confidence

We asked Tiffini, a recent Soma graduate, to answer a few questions about her time here at Soma. She was nice enough to answer.

What were your feelings entering the program?

When I chose to start at Soma I was excited, anxious, yet nervous and a little scared. I was excited to begin a new chapter in my life! I was anxious for what I thought was going to be the longest 11 months of my life. The nervous and scared portion was starting something new and being able to finish it.

Why did you enter the program?

I decided to enter the program for a number of reasons. I had been involved in Energy work prior (Reiki) and loved working with my hands and healing others in a holistic environment. I would involve myself in exchanges of energy work and most times, I would end up incorporating massage more so than Reiki when working with my friends. I was told I had magic hands and wanted to pursue a career in something I felt drawn towards. I have always wanted to work in a field that helped people heal themselves whether it be mentally or physically, and as we all know the benefits for massage are not just physical. As far as choosing Soma, my Reiki instructor was a former student of Soma and had recommended to me that I check them out. I stopped in to check everything out and everyone made me feel so welcome that I signed up the same day to begin my classes a week later!

What were some high points and low points in your time here?

Needless to say 2015 was an interesting year. The high points definitely outweigh the low at least! Some high points at Soma were taking all of the knowledge I was receiving and using it. Learning all the different clinical techniques and then practicing them. Meeting people who were interested and involved in the same career choice as I was. The greatest high point of all though was all of my instructors- they have left me with so much knowledge and a lifetime of support. Without some of them, I do not know how I would have made it through the program with such confidence. As far as low points, everyone has their rough days. I struggled through some of the courses and that definitely brought my spirits down a little bit. I was also just going through a rough time out of school, yet there was not a day that someone at Soma did not try to turn my frown upside down!

Did you learn everything you wanted to learn?

I feel that I left Soma with a huge chunk of knowledge. The clinical knowledge that you get from Soma is unlike anything I have heard from other students at other schools. Not trying to brag here, but I do :-).

Do you feel qualified to start your career?

I do indeed feel beyond qualified to begin my career. I feel that Soma has prepared us in many ways with clinics and the externships that we were so lucky to be apart of!!!