Massage Therapy and Health and Wellness Coaching

Massage Therapy and Health and Wellness Coaching


Massage therapists know that massage has many health benefits from stress reduction to pain relief, and many Americans have chosen to make massage therapy a part of their healthy lifestyle regiment. But, what if there was a way for massage therapists to offer more in the realm of wellness care? A health and wellness coach can be the key to helping clients manage and maintain their health, and massage therapists are seeing that blending massage therapy and health and wellness coaching has increased their clientele and revenue.

Health and wellness coaches work with clients to help them establish goals, maintain motivation, hold them accountable and focus on their successes as they change and manage their lifestyle so that it embodies health and wellness.

If adding health and wellness coaching services to your practice is something you are interested in, then consider The Soma Institute’s 110 hour Health and Wellness Coaching Program.

The entire program is taught on-site at The Soma Institute’s Campus in Chicago, Illinois making it a fully interactive program. It is one of the few coaching programs in the United States that is entirely taught on-site.

Massage therapists that enroll can earn continuing education hours while completing the program.

After successful completion of the program, students will be certified as a Health and Wellness Coach through The Soma Institute.

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