Sinus Relief With Massage

Sinus Relief With Massage

One thing the teachers at Soma like to point out on me a lot are the location of my sinuses.  There are four sets, and around this time of year they like to get inflamed, clogged and painful.  But before you start popping pills to relieve the congestion, try a simple acupressure treatment to open up those obstructed passageways.


The site of ??ur head ache w?ll lik?ly be a?s?c?ated w?th t?e sinus cavities impacted. You've got f?ur sets. In case y?u d?n't kn?w w?ich cavities ar? affected, tr? ?ut ?a?h of the shiatsu treatments listed be??w t? help remedy y?ur sinus pain.

In most cases t?e?e treatment options w?ll minimize ??ur pain and help open up ?our nasal passages.

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