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Student loan debt or a rewarding career? You decide.

Student loan debt or a rewarding career? You decide.

Which of these scenarios would you prefer?

1. You've struggled for four years to earn a college degree only to find there are no jobs applicable to that degree. But doesn't a degree in Communications apply to everyone? And isn't Anthropology everywhere? Perhaps, but not in the want ads. On top of that, you now have to start paying back those student loans, and let's generously call that a soul-crushing debt. So now you're living in your parent's basement, because your old room is now a yoga studio/knitting den, you have no money, no job, and just to make this the perfect country song, your girlfriend left you for your best friend.

Or, how about this:

2. You've gotten a degree from a certified training program, and after graduating in a mere 11 months, you find that there are good paying jobs just waiting for you to fill them. You've got your own apartment, your friends are all jealous, and now your best friend's girlfriend is leaving him for you!

Simply Hired has recently compiled a list of the Top Ten Best Jobs you can get without a college degree. Not surprisingly to us, Massage is number seven on that list.