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Survive The Apocalypse, And Get A Massage!

Survive The Apocalypse, And Get A Massage!

To be sure, some celebrity trends are a little out there.

Some celebrities, like Brad Pitt and Robert Redford, spend time at a unique resort in Montana preparing for, well, preparing for the apocalypse.  Obstacle courses, food preparation, and learning to live without wifi are all on the agenda.  But that doesn't mean there's no time for pampering.  

"Panic is a sure-fire way to perish in times of crisis. Paws Up familiarizes guests with a tranquil state of mind in its outdoor semicircle Spa Town. Every treatment is performed in private tents opening up to endless mountain views. The menu includes an Altitude Adjustment head and neck massage (the Northern Rockies climb up to 3950 meters so acclimation is key) and even a Montana Gold Rush Massage where guests are rubbed with oil and real gold flakes."

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