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What Brought These Students To Massage (part 3)

What Brought These Students To Massage (part 3)


What did you do before Soma?

I worked in food service at a university and then at the Chicago Botanic Garden.

What brought you to massage in general, and to Soma specifically?

After massaging friends and family and realizing the impact touch could have even from untrained hands I wanted to see what I could do with trained hands.  Soma has a good looking school and I had personal reasons for wanting to be in Chicago.

Do you like having classes in downtown Chicago?

I love it!  I would not change a single thing about where it is located.

Who are your biggest influences?

Beyonce, her drive and influence inspire me to reach new heights.  My best friend’s mom, she was the type of person I always try to emulate and work towards.

Anything else you want to add?

Massage is great.  Having all this clinical education is going to be helpful even if I never work in a clinical setting.