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What Brought These Students To Massage

What Brought These Students To Massage

At the heart of everything here are, of course, our students.  Soma is very proud that we have such a diverse group with so many wonderful stories to share, and we’ve been asking them to write down some of their experiences for us.  The first three stories we received were from a former personal trainer, a retail employee and a licensed cosmetologist.


What did you do before Soma?

Work in office setting also went to school for personal trainer.

What brought you to massage in general, and to Soma specifically?

I always liked giving massages.  I knew I was good since I always made people fall asleep.  So I decided to go to massage school but shied away feeling it was more of a female based field, but ten years later I got fed up working in an office and made the move.  I only knew of a different massage school at the time, but didn’t have any luck when it came to financial aid.  So when I redid my search Soma came up.  I got a call the same day and started in May.

Do you like having classes in downtown Chicago?

It’s kind of far but being downtown gives me an awesome feeling and there’s always something going on.

Who are your biggest influences?

Myself and family of course.  I push myself to be the best because if I don’t kill it my family won’t eat.

Anything else you want to add?

My experience at Soma has been great.  Very educational, and the best part is that the staff are all past students, which is helpful in preparing for the tests.