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Why one student loves learning at Soma

Why one student loves learning at Soma

Wrapping Up the Year with My Top 14

In the summer, I decided to abandon a 30+ year career in the corporate world for something I always wanted to do. I want to help people keep moving so they can do the things they love for as many years as they want to do them. For me “moving” means running marathons but for others it may mean performing their jobs well or being able to play sports with their kids. It took serious guts to give up an established career, substantial salary, and benefits to return to school to learn massage therapy.

As I approach the holidays and reflect on things which I am grateful this year, that decision is at the top of the list. Here are my top 14 reasons to love learning at The Soma Institute:

  1. Getting real world examples from instructors who work in the industry
  2. Sharing my passion with fellow students who work as a team to help each other succeed
  3. Spending school days with people who know that having fun and sharing a laugh is an important part of our success
  4. Feeling the joy that comes from transforming muscles from tense to relaxed when practicing massage techniques
  5. Gaining the skills to work in a clinical environment so that I have more career options
  6. Knowing the satisfaction that comes from properly preparing an athlete for competition
  7. Networking with professionals that will help me launch my career
  8. Feeling confident in my ability to communicate professionally with clients
  9. Gaining a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology
  10. Sharing positive energy
  11. Wearing comfortable workout/yoga outfits
  12. Drinking flavored water and munching delicious granola bars supplied by The Soma Institute to keep our energy level up
  13. Achieving my education goals alongside some of the best in the industry
  14. Feeling confident that when graduation day comes, I will be well prepared to perform great massage therapy

Soon we’ll be celebrating the new year! If you are considering becoming a massage therapist, don’t wait to get started. Based on my list, what do you think you’d enjoy most at The Soma Institute?

Contributed by: MaryAnn Maksinski, Soma Student Blogger