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Massage Therapy Training in Aurora, Illinois

Massage Therapy Training in Aurora, Illinois

Residents in Aurora, Illinois benefit from their close proximity to one of the country’s leading massage therapy schools, The Soma Institute in Chicago. Just 40 miles east of Aurora, Soma specializes in clinical massage therapy training, providing practical real-world experience to help students become healthcare providers in the massage field.

Numerous studies have reported the health benefits of massage therapy. Besides decreasing cardiovascular disease risk, cholesterol problems, and illnesses associated with inflammation, massage therapy can significantly alter the metabolic profile of participants. This is according to a study released by the University of California San Diego School of Medicine. The study found that participants saw a measurable decrease in cholesterol levels as well as type 2 diabetes risk.

As massage therapy increasingly becomes a viable alternative to healthcare treatments, the profession continues to grow in demand. If you are interested in healthcare and how the body works, massage therapy may be the profession for you. Consider exploring this career by calling The Soma Institute today at 800-694-5314. Soma can help you achieve your goals.