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Massage Therapy Training in Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Massage Therapy Training in Buffalo Grove, Illinois

Natural healing remedies for the body are often the most effective, whether it’s exercise, increased sleep, or massage therapy. Massage is known to lower blood pressure and heart rate—and like exercise, massage releases endorphins which relieve stress and increase a sense of peace.

The Soma Institute in Chicago is home to one of the most respected massage education centers in the country and offers the only Clinical Massage Therapy diploma in the industry. Soma believes in massage with a purpose and trains their students in the major elements of massage therapy, including bodywork, hydrotherapy, and sports massage.

For aspiring massage therapists living in or near Buffalo Grove, Soma is just 30-miles south in downtown Chicago. If you’re eager to join this growing field, and looking for the training and industry support it takes to succeed, take a look at Soma’s 11 and 15-month training programs. Give them a call today to find out more at 800-694-5314.