Massage Therapy Training in Crystal Lake, Illinois

Massage Therapy Training in Crystal Lake, Illinois

The Soma Institute in Chicago offers in-depth theoretical knowledge and training in clinical massage therapy. Residents in Crystal Lake are just an hour’s drive north of Chicago, home to the Soma Institute. Massage therapists are in the unique position of treating their clients with natural methods of care—helping to reduce stress, overworked muscles, and to promote overall health.

If you have ever thought about a career in an alternative form of healthcare, massage therapy could be the career for you. Some of the benefits of massage therapy include stimulation of the lymphatic system; reducing stress and tension; healing after surgery or injury; and loosening tight or overworked muscles. At the Soma Institute, all aspects and modalities of massage therapy are covered, from hydrotherapy, deep tissues, athletic injury support, and more.

It’s time to consider a career in health and wellness. Without spending years in school (and going into major debt), Soma can give you the training and support needed to embark on a career you’ll love. For more information, give Soma a call at 800-694-5314 to speak to an admissions representative today.

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