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Massage Therapy Training in Des Plaines, Illinois

Massage Therapy Training in Des Plaines, Illinois

If you live in Des Plaines, Illinois and are looking for an affordable massage therapy education in a convenient and accessible location, take a look at The Soma Institute in Chicago. Just a 30-minute drive northwest of Chicago, residents of Des Plaines benefit from Soma’s close proximity.

Massage therapy is growing in demand all over the country as the medical community recommends it as a promising and effective alternative treatment to a variety of health issues. According to the Samueli Institute, massage significantly improves pain, anxiety, and other health-related quality of life issues. Massage therapy was also found to be effective in reducing the severity of pain in patients undergoing surgery.

The Soma Institute has long recommended massage therapy as an alternative and complementary treatment. Considered the only school in the U.S. to offer a Clinical Massage Therapy diploma, Soma believes in massage with a purpose. Soma’s classes are led by experienced massage professionals who guide students through the major aspects of massage practice; these include bodywork, hydrotherapy, and sports massage—to name a few.

Soma also provides the industry support graduates need to embark on a rewarding career in clinical massage therapy. If you have ever considered a career in massage therapy, take the first step and give Soma a call at 800-694-5314 to find out more.