Massage Therapy Training in Gary, Illinois

Massage Therapy Training in Gary, Illinois

Now is the time many people let their new year’s resolutions fall by the wayside. Don’t let that happen to you! If you have dreamed about a career as a clinical massage therapist, don’t let another year go by with out realizing your dream. For residents of Gary, Indiana, opportunities in massage therapy education could not be better. Just 30-miles north of Gary is home to The Soma Institute – the only school in the U.S. to offer a Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma.

Soma offers both day and evening classes led by skilful massage professionals with years of experience. Students can graduate in as little as 11-months and receive personal attention and expert guidance through the major elements of proper massage practice. After graduation, students have the opportunity to take advantage of Soma’s Career Services – with access to a job-placement board, course auditing, and assistance with licensure.

Besides traditional massage environments, therapists also work in hospitals, with sports teams, at hotels, or in private practice. Soma believes that where you end up often depends on where you start. If you’ve considered a career in clinical massage therapy, give Soma a call to find out more, at 800-694-5314.

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