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Massage Therapy Training in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Massage Therapy Training in Hoffman Estates, Illinois

Don’t let another year go by without further exploring your dream of becoming a massage therapist. This popular career offers independence and freedom for practitioners: they have the ability and flexibility to determine their schedules, places of work, and clients. If you’ve spent years chained to a desk at a nine to five job, massage therapy can be a very welcome alternative.

Just 30-miles east of Hoffman Estates, the Soma Institute in Chicago provides exemplary training in the many techniques of massage therapy. Students from around the world have participated in Soma’s programs which advance the life-long study of massage therapy. The Clinical Massage Therapy program runs for 11 or 15-months and is designed for aspiring massage practitioners who are serious about this profession.

Classes are led by seasoned massage professionals who guide students through the major aspects of massage practice. These include bodywork, hydrotherapy, and sports massage. Soma also offers the industry support it takes to embark on a rewarding career in clinical massage therapy. To find out more information, give Soma a call at 800-694-5314.