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Massage Therapy Training in Winnetka, Illinois

Massage Therapy Training in Winnetka, Illinois

Have you ever thought about studying at one of the most respected massage therapy schools in the country? Residents of Winnetka are just a 20-mile drive south of the Soma Institute in Chicago—one of the leading massage therapy institutions in the industry. Soma trains in all the specific techniques of massage therapy, and offers an 11 or 15-month training program to prepare students for rewarding and enriching careers as clinical massage therapists.

As the medical community embraces alternatives to traditional medicine and narcotic care, massage therapy is becoming more common in a variety of settings. Studies show that massage can alleviate pain, improve flexibility, and even release endorphins—mother nature’s anti-depressant. Massage has also been used to relieve depression and anxiety, and as a result, many clients experience a better night’s sleep.

If you’re interested in healthcare and in the healing others, professional massage therapy may be the perfect career for you. Consider exploring this profession by calling the Soma Institute. Call 800-694-5314 today to find out more. Soma can help you achieve your goals.