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Alternative Healing

Alternative Healing

Upwards of 75% of all U.S. healthcare costs are attributed to chronic disease and illness. With this trend, medical professionals are turning to alternative therapies to help combat illness and promote overall health. One of these alternatives includes clinical massage therapy. The Soma Institute has become a leader in the alternative healthcare industry and is dedicated to training students to become tomorrow’s healers.

Soma offers an 11 and 15-month Clinical Massage Therapy program designed to prepare students for careers in massage therapy. Training includes hydrotherapy, sports massage, lymphatic drainage, and more. Soma’s distinguished teaching professionals provide hands-on training and access to the on-campus clinic.

Soma is committed to the intellectual and personal growth of its students—and aims to empower students to take control of their lives. Soma believes that where you end up, depends a lot on where you start. So start at Soma today! Give them a call to find out more about their alternative healing and massage therapy training programs. Soma is more than a diploma on the wall…it’s about getting the career you love! Give them a call at 1.800.694.5314.