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Why Americans Get Massages

Why Americans Get Massages

The American Massage Therapy Association recently released their findings in the 20th Annual Consumer Survey. Instead of booking a massage for reasons of relaxation, people are increasingly turning to clinical massage therapy to treat medical conditions. Reasons have shifted over the years, with more and more Americans choosing massage as a healthcare alternative. 78% of people in the survey claimed their main reason was either medical or stress related. Some of these medical reasons include: migraines, prenatal, pain relief, injury recovery, soreness, and more.

88% of the survey participants view therapeutic massage therapy as a beneficial healthcare treatment to their overall health & wellness; while almost 90% said massage can actually reduce their pain. With massage therapy now considered a form of healthcare, more aspiring massage therapists are jumping into the exciting and fast-growing field. And the Soma Institute is here to help!

Soma’s renowned clinical massage therapy diploma program trains students for careers in the massage field, from wellness massage at spas; medical massage affiliated with hospitals; and sports massage with professional teams. Health care providers and doctors are more commonly viewing massage therapy as a legitimate option to address health concerns. Give Soma a call today to speak to an admissions counselor at 1.800.694.5314.