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AMTA 2016 Annual Convention

AMTA 2016 Annual Convention

Attendees of this year’s American Massage Therapy Association’s 2016 National Convention were pleased to welcome keynote speaker Robin Roberts. Known as Good Morning America’s esteemed anchor, Roberts also has a history as an athlete. In addition to reporting world events, in 2007 Roberts announced her diagnosis of breast cancer. All of these factors led Roberts to turn to massage therapy to help her deal with her illness and its challenging circumstances.

Breast cancer is considered one of the deadliest diseases among women today. But women are surviving the disease more than ever—especially with early detection and treatment. In AMTA’s opening session, Robin shared her story and explained how massage therapy has given her an advantage in dealing with the many challenges life has thrown her way. She credits massage therapy as a powerful tool in combating symptoms in those suffering from cancer.

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