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AMTA Welcomes the World’s Top Athletes

AMTA Welcomes the World’s Top Athletes

Just this week, a group of elite athletes attended the American Massage Therapy Association’s 2016 National Convention to share their wisdom, strength and advise with attendees. Included in this illustrious group was Abby Wambach—an international soccer player, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and FIFA Women's World Cup champion. Abby, among others at AMTA’s National Convention, expressed their support for massage therapy as an important training tool for athletic competition.

“Massage therapy is so important when it comes to recovery and preparation for competition. For so many years we did not have those types of resources with our national team and it made a huge difference when we did,” says Wambach. Indeed, research indicates that various types of massage therapy benefit athletes at all fitness levels. Moderated by the Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Brent Bauer, the AMTA’s National Convention further discussed and explained the science of massage for athletes.

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