Aromatherapy And Massage

Aromatherapy And Massage

A Powerful Duo!
By Amber Mills.

Aromatherapy healing uses fragrances emitted by essential oils (natural oils without chemicals or artificial ingredients) that get inhaled through our nose and cause the limbic system region of our brain to be stimulated. The limbic system controls our emotions, mood and is linked to memory.

Certain essential oils that are inhaled can positively stimulate our limbic system and bring about a sense of calm and relaxation, while others can cause an increase in energy. Essential oils are specifically chosen based on the wellness goals that the client has.

We already know that massage has been proven to reduce stress, increase circulation, and reduce muscle spasm. What if aromatherapy was coupled with the massage? The desired effects of the massage would be increased! If a client is looking for a massage that will reduce stress and provide relaxation, then the therapist might choose lavender and ylang-ylang oil to blend in with a massage oil so that the client experiences an even greater sense of relaxation and stress relief.

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Amber MillsAmber Mills – Curriculum Director

“It is my hope that our students walk away from Soma with confidence in their clinical massage skills and their ability to naturally help the body heal.”