Athletes: Don’t Settle for Slow Recovery Time

Athletes: Don’t Settle for Slow Recovery T

With conclusive evidence that massage therapy has positive effects on athletes, many professional teams have gone as far as having massage practitioners on their payroll indefinitely. Many studies endorse the overwhelming benefits massage therapy can have on athletes.
The American Massage Therapy Association reports that massage acts to improve athletes’ performance while helping to prevent injury, reduce pain, and encourage shorter recovery time during periods of injury. But this information isn’t just for professional athletes: this extends to anyone who participates in regular athletic exercise.
Because massage affects the cardiovascular system, it helps dilate blood vessels—therefore aiding in the body’s circulation. This manual assistance in enhancing blood flow back to the heart delivers oxygen to the tissues promoting the removal of toxins. This all helps in lowering the heart rate and increasing physical endurance and shortened recovery time during injury.
The next time you find yourself injured and unable to hit the pavement, consider booking a massage with a qualified clinical massage therapist. Not only will it help your body—it will feel good, too! Find out more about massage therapy schooling at The Soma Institute’s website at