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Athletes Turn to Massage Therapy

Athletes Turn to Massage Therapy

Athletes at any level can testify to the positive effects of sports massage therapy when it comes to pain reduction and recovery time—especially after intensive exercise. Now there’s scientific evidence to back it up. A study conducted by The Buck Institute for Research on Aging found that massage therapy reduced inflammation—which is often a precursor to pain—and aided in cell function and repair. In addition, the study found that the reduced pain associated with sports massage therapy involved the same mechanism targeted in conventional anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical drugs.a

Research continues to support sports massage therapy as a significant aide in helping to reduce pain and inflammation; and now this study supports massage therapy as a successful alternative to prescription medication. As such, sports massage therapy has become a fast-growing career path for many who wish to work in sports massage, whether for sports teams or dedicated athletes.

The Soma Institute in Chicago offers students a chance to gain real-world experience with the Clinical Massage Therapy Program. The 11 or 15-month program includes an on-campus teaching clinic where students work with the public. They also have the unique opportunity to practice sports massage with NCAA Division I athletes at Loyola University. These experiences provide students with important field experience.

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