Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Besides being relaxing and rejuvenating, massage therapy can also provide many other health benefits as well. It is considered a natural remedy for many common ailments people deal with every day. The Soma Institute has compiled a list of 5 reasons why people are turning to massage therapy more than ever these days. Take a look…

  1. Postural stress: For those chained to their desks most of the day, their bodies and spines become stiff and achy. Massage can counteract the imbalance from sitting all day and decrease any pain or weakness in the lower back.
  2. Muscle Pain: Deep tissue massage can improve circulation and ease chronic or episodic muscle pain—often with lasting effects.
  3. Anxiety & Depression: Human touch through massage can bring instant comfort and healing. The International Journal of Neuroscience says massage therapy three times a week can help people feel less angry and depressed.
  4. Improved Sleep: By relieving physical ailments, massage can promote and aid in deeper, longer sleep, therefore providing more productive and happier lives.
  5. Boosts Immunity: The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine says that massage therapy can boost the white blood cell count in patients undergoing regular massage, therefore strengthening immunity.

The Soma Institute in Chicago, Illinois gives students real-world experience as they have the opportunity to perform and practice massage with NCAA Division I athletes at Loyola University. This invaluable experience gives students the confidence they need to launch successful and rewarding careers in massage therapy.

If you’re interested in learning more about Soma’s 11 and 15-month Clinical Massage Therapy program, call to speak to a friendly Admissions Representative at 1-800-694-5314.