Careers in Sports Massage Therapy

Careers in Sports Massage Therapy

Have you ever considered entering the field of sports massage therapy? If so, you are not alone: this profession has grown significantly in recent times due to increased demand—as well as the recognition of its many benefits for athletes. Sports Massage Therapists are health and wellness professionals with job opportunities in a wide variety of settings and with a wide variety of clients—from professional sports teams and amateur college athletes - to health centers & weekend warriors.
Based on the types of physical activity of their clients, sports massage therapists are able to apply specific massage techniques to various muscle groups. The therapist’s well-trained and thought-out strategies can significantly help their clients in conditioning their muscles and increasing their recovery time from injuries or strenuous athletic performances.
The Soma Institute in Chicago has the unique benefit of being able to offer their students real world experience with their on-campus teaching clinic. Students can work directly with the public under faculty supervision—and specifically with the NCAA Division I athletes at Loyola University. This is invaluable experience for any aspiring sports massage therapist.
Find out more about Sports Massage Therapy and The Soma Institute’s 11 & 15-month Clinical Massage Therapy program by visiting their website today at This is an exciting time to join this growing profession.

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