CNN: Massage Therapy Complements Western Medicine

CNN: Massage Therapy Complements Western Medicine

An interesting new article published by CNN Travel aggregates the already-existing research of a variety of publications regarding complementary and alternative medical modalities and their effectiveness. Contrary to common assumptions, conventional Western medicine doesn’t always win-out in clinical evidence. Covering a wide range of alternative methods of care, the article mentions massage therapy more than any other modality.

Here are some of the highlights from the article:

• Swedish massage can decrease cortisol levels and increase white blood cells in the body’s immune system;
• Massage therapy can enhance the development of infants and reduce stress in adults;
• A variety of massage modalities has shown to decrease the frequency of migraines as well as improve sleep quality;
• Massage therapy reduces symptoms of nausea for women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer;
• Foot reflexology has shown to reduce premenstrual symptoms in women, reduce depression and stress, and increase immunity in middle-aged women.

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