Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Massage: Great for Runners

Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Massage therapy in chicago: Great for Runners

If you’re confused about the varying types of massage therapy programs – you’re not alone. There are so many massage modalities it often leaves the client feeling overwhelmed with choices. You’ve probably heard that massage therapy is great for athletes, but what kind of massage therapy? Many types of sports massage are beneficial to athletes: massage can speed recovery from strenuous athletic training; reduce muscle soreness after exercise; and facilitate injury healing. However, two of the main massage types many athletes turn to specifically include deep tissue and trigger point massage therapy in Chicago.

Trigger point massage modality specifically targets muscle knots and painful areas in the muscle tissue. Trained massage therapists target knots in the muscles and use deep pressure to loosen adhesions. Typically, trigger point therapy is used to treat injuries and is effective in the treatment of calf strains, IT band tightness, and hamstring injuries.

Another favored treatment for athletes is deep tissue massage. Runners especially turn to deep tissue massage to target deep layers of muscles and can be intense as a result of deep, focused work. Unlike trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage works on the entire muscle and therefore a favorite among runners during hard training segments.

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