Facts about Massage Therapy

Facts about Massage Therapy

The American Massage Therapy Association has compiled some national career statistics for aspiring massage therapists. Armed with these facts, massage therapy students can feel more prepared for their future career. Nationally, the number of massage therapists has increased as people turn to alternative and complementary modes of healthcare.

Just in the past five years, revenue from alternative healthcare providers—including massage therapists—increased 14 percent, with employment nation-wide increasing by 19 percent. This growth in revenue is only expected to grow in the next several years, with a continue average of 3.6 percent per year until 2020.

As a career, massage therapists work in one of the widest varieties of work environments—from home, office, and corporate settings, to health care and spa settings. Massage therapists must meet legal requirements to practice and are required to participate and receive training. Requirements vary state to state.

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