5 Benefits of Massage

5 Benefits of Massage

Top 5 Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is no longer considered a luxury for the wealthy. It is now recognized as an essential component to one’s health regimen—like exercise or diet. Recently, the publication Medical Daily compiled a list of 5 surprising benefits to massage therapy—Take a look below!

1. Massage therapy offsets the body damage done by prolonged sitting.

You’ve probably heard about recent studies exploring the damage prolonged sitting does to your body. Are you at a desk all day? Do you spend more than 3 hours in a row sitting in the same position? Prolonged sitting can create posture problems and cause pain and weakness in the back. However, according to this study, regular massage can counter that damage.

 2. Massage therapy reduces anxiety and depression.

By significantly lowering cortisol levels in the body, massage therapy has been shown to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. Maybe next time before hitting the psychotherapist’s chair, try a massage therapy session instead.

 3. Massage therapy improves sleep quality.

Millions of people suffer from sleep problems—affecting all areas of their life, from family interactions to reduced production on the job. "Most studies credit it to massage's increasing delta waves, brain waves connected to deep sleep, which would explain why it's easier to drift off on a massage table," Medical Daily explained.

4. Massage therapy can improve the relationship between couples.

"A small touch on someone's arm, their hand, or their back as they walk is a really great way to build a connection between two people," the article shared.

5. Massage therapy improves the immune system.

One of the most promising benefits from massage therapy is that it can actually protect our body from disease and infection. By increasing the amount of lymphocytes in the body, massage produces more white blood cells which protect our immune system.

Isn’t it time to book your next massage?