The Global Wellness Institute: 2016 Global Wellness Economy Monitor

The Global Wellness Institute: 2016 Global Wellness Economy Monitor

Even while the global economy shrank by almost 4% from 2013 to 2015, the wellness industry grew by 10.6%-- standing out as one of the industry’s most resilient markets. The U.S. in particular stood out as having the most dominant national wellness industry in the world, ranking number one.

These results were released in the Global Wellness Institute’s 2016 Global Wellness Economy Monitor—which analyzes the top ten wellness markets comprising of the global wellness industry. These markets include the spa industry and workplace wellness—both places where massage therapy has infiltrated. And the U.S.’s spa market is twice as big as its next competitor globally.

“The growth trajectory of the wellness industry appears unstoppable,” said GWI’s senior researchers. It appears the U.S.’s wellness growth inversely correlates with our human wellbeing and health downturns. While our healthcare costs are forecasted to rise about 6% annually, more and more Americans will opt for alternative and preventative health approaches—typically found in the wellness industries.

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