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Health Coach Career

Health Coach Career

Health Coaching on the Rise!
Careers in health & wellness coaching have grown as of late—offering a natural, holistic alternative to medical doctors. On a local level, doctors are often overworked and have very limited time to dedicate to each patient. While this puts a strain on the doctor-patient relationship, it is also creating job opportunities in the growing field of health coaching.

Health Coaches act as advocates for their clients, motivating them to make lasting lifestyle changes which lead to better health and fewer doctor visits. The Soma Institute in Chicago, Illinois has long been dedicated to being part of the solution. If you’ve dreamed about a profession in the health care industry, health & wellness coaching could be the career for you. Soma’s innovative 15-week Health and Wellness Coaching Certificate Program provides the training and industry support it takes to pursue a career in health coaching. Students will learn:

  • Coaching strategies for people with health challenges
  • Disease prevention
  • Health habits for weight loss
  • Ethics in coaching
  • Stress reduction & motivational techniques
  • Chronic disease management

If you’d like to learn more about Soma’s program, give us a call at 1-800-694-5314. A new career is waiting for you!