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Health Coach Trend

Health Coach Trend

Health Coaching is a growing trend. More and more medical professionals recognize the importance of Health Coaches these days. Health and Wellness Coaching is seen as a crucial part of creating healthy—and lasting—lifestyle changes. With more focus given to preventative care in the medical community, there now becomes a growing demand for Health coaches. That’s where The Soma Institute and you come in.

The Soma Institute offers a comprehensive 15-week Health & Wellness Coaching program designed for those with a desire to help others and affect positive and lasting change. The coaching certificate program provides students with the training to change their clients’ lives. You will learn techniques to:

  • establish goals;
  • manage chronic disease;
  • reduce stress;
  • prevent disease and illness;
  • maintain the basic ethics of coaching.

If you’ve ever dreamed of a life-changing career that can be fulfilling and successful, this is the time to take the plunge. To learn more about The Soma Institute in Chicago, Illinois and the Health and Wellness Coach Certification program, give us a call at 1-800-694-5314.