Helping Others: A Career in Massage Therapy

Helping Others: A Career in Massage Therapy

Many people yearn for a career path that allows them to help people in a meaningful way. A career in massage therapy is one occupation that offers its practitioners an opportunity to express their values in a way that is both personally and professionally rewarding. Massage therapists often comment that they feel fortunate to have found work that they love, in a career that allows them to help others in a variety of holistic ways.

As more people turn to massage therapy to fulfill their career dreams, the profession has become increasingly important in the healthcare industry. The American Massage Therapy Association estimates about 350,000 massage therapists are in the U.S. These professionals are meeting the demand from the healthcare community—eager to employ massage as an alternative and complementary treatment.

Another reason massage therapy has grown in popularity as a career is the flexibility it offers in terms of hours, independence, and choice of settings. Massage therapists work in a huge variety of settings—from physicians’ offices and nursing homes – to hotels, spas and sports teams.

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