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Job Opportunities After Graduation

Job Opportunities After Graduation

The Soma Institute in Chicago offers a 750-hour Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma Program for students interested in pursuing a career in massage therapy. But it is not just during the program that students are supported by Soma; Soma supports their graduates throughout their career—from graduation and beyond.

Experienced career services professionals are on staff to help graduates pursue a variety of employment opportunities through their extensive employer database. There is also the American Massage Therapy Association on-hand to help graduates kick-start their job search. AMTA offers a wide selection of resources to find the best massage therapy job for each graduate.

In today’s marketplace, there are more opportunities than ever for practicing massage therapists. Some of these include:

  • Medical & health care settings
  • Spa industry careers
  • Sports & fitness massage
  • Private practice massage
  • Give the Some Institute a call today to find out about your future as a clinical massage therapist. Call an Admissions Representative at 1.800.694.5314. A new life is waiting for you.