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Making a Difference with Massage Therapy

Making a Difference with Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is considered one of the oldest healing arts in the world. It dates all the way back to 2700 BC as an ancient traditional Chinese therapeutic technique. Today, massage therapy has become a mainstay within the medical community. It is employed throughout the health care system—in private clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and more. The National Institutes of Health identifies massage therapy as a highly respected and highly effective complementary and alternative sector of the health care community.

Massage therapy focuses on a wide range of soft tissue and muscle manipulation techniques, and serves patients ranging from infants to the elderly. Hospitals often employ full time massage practitioners on staff. Some techniques include deep tissue, infant massage, manual lymphatic drainage, pregnancy massage, sports massage, and more. It has evolved into a thriving career for professionals eager to join the healthcare community in an alternative fashion.

The Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma Program at The Soma Institute in Chicago, Illinois has trained thousands of students in the many modalities of massage therapy. The hands-on training at Soma prepares students for a rewarding career in this growing profession. With exciting internship programs, students can work in the on-campus clinic under the guidance of faculty supervisors.

If you’ve thought about a career in massage therapy and being a part of the healing arts profession, give The Soma Institute a call today to find out more, at 1.800.694.5314.