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Massage a la Carte

Massage a la Carte

Massage, as it permeates mainstream, has also become more accessible to more people—not just because prices have dropped but because it is no longer viewed as a time constraint. According to the International Spa Association, 75 percent of spas added abbreviated treatments to their services.

The New York Times’ Travel section also covered the issue recently, elaborating on the trendiness of massage a la carte popping up on spa menus everywhere. Not only are there more abbreviated services available, the days of appointments are becoming antiquated.  Many of these spas and hotels are now offering walk-in policies to attract more spur-of-the-moment clientele.

So, are the days of just the 50 or 90 minute massage option a thing of the past? Definitely, not. There will always be the stalwart massage-lovers who value the results they get from regular and quality massage. Whether you’re looking for a 15-minute foot massage, or a 90-minute deep tissue massage, you'll be able to find numerous establishments to accommodate your request!