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Massage and Thyroid Health

Massage and Thyroid Health

January is National Thyroid Awareness Month—a time for massage practitioners to learn how clients with the disorder might benefit from massage therapy. About 10 million Americans suffer from some type of hypothyroid condition and studies show that massage therapy can benefit hypothyroid patients in significant ways.

Hypothyroidism is characterized by the thyroid gland’s inability to produce enough levels of hormones. The condition includes many symptoms including fatigue, depression, muscle weakness, and fluctuations in weight. Because these symptoms develop slowly over time, hypothyroidism is considered difficult to diagnose.

One of the biggest benefits of massage therapy for hypothyroid patients is improved lymphatic and blood circulation. Lymphatic flow is crucial for all endocrine organs, therefore the thyroid could benefit from increased circulation.  Another benefit is reduced inflammation.  Some studies say massage therapy creates a result similar to anti-inflammatory medications.  The third benefit of massage therapy is reduced stress within the body, decreasing cortisol and other stress hormones.

As a massage therapist, you are in the unique position to help your clients suffering from this illness. To learn more about massage therapy and related courses, check out The Soma Institute.