Massage Fountain Of Youth

Massage: Fountain of Youth

You’re seeing them pop-up everywhere these days: in malls, airports, spas—even work environments. It’s massage therapy—and there’s a good reason why. According to NewBeauty Magazine online, massage is considered the number-one stress reliever and can actually make you look younger. What?! Yes. By reducing heart rate, cortisone levels, and blood pressure, massage clients experience better sleep and less pain, which shows up on their face.

In confirmation of this growing trend, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics says massage therapy employment will grow 23 percent from 2012 to 2022—adding close to 30,000 more professionals to this field, more than any other occupational growth. With the increasing demand for massage services, massage therapists have more career options than ever.

Besides working in traditional spas & resorts—which offer massage as a form of comfort and relaxation, massage practitioners are now transitioning into private practice. In addition, sports teams, chiropractic offices, wellness centers, medical clinics, hospitals, and fitness centers are relying on massage therapy to treat their clients.

If you’ve considered a career in massage therapy, now—more than ever—is the time to take the first step: give The Soma Institute a call to find out about your future as a clinical massage therapist! If you’re interested about learning more about our Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma program, give us a call at 1-800-694-5314.


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