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Massage Makes Me Happy Initiative

Massage Makes Me Happy Initiative

Hundreds of cultures around the world have relied on the tradition of touch for healing. Early Chinese medicine used massage therapy for a variety of healing remedies because massage was considered to create happiness. In keeping with this tradition, the Global Wellness Institute has created the Massage Makes Me Happy Initiative to celebrate the healing powers of massage therapy.

The goal of the Global Wellness Institute is to promote the benefits of massage therapy through education and global awareness. By creating a platform around the initiative, their hope is to stimulate storytelling about the benefits of massage by professionals, consumers, and educators in the industry. In addition, the initiative hopes to consolidate clinical research for a deeper integration of massage into the healthcare and wellness practices.

The Soma Institute in Chicago also wants to promote massage therapy worldwide. The Soma Institute has long been at the forefront of the alternative treatment philosophy and a leader in massage therapy education. Soma offers a Clinical Massage Therapy diploma—one if its kind in the U.S. Find out more about training at the Soma Institute by calling today. A new career could be waiting for you. Give them a call at 1.800.694.5314.