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Massage & PTSD

Massage & PTSD

Roughly 24 million people are afflicted with post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. The disorder typically develops in people who have experienced a shocking or dangerous event, often combat related or violent abuse. Although nearly everyone has experienced trauma at some point in their lives, for PTSD sufferers, their reactions to the trauma continue over time rather than resolving naturally. These people often feel stressed even when they aren’t in danger.

A promising 2012 study found that veterans who received massage therapy reported significant relief from anxiety and worry, tension and irritability, and depression—all hallmarks of PTSD. Massage therapy was also reported to provide specific benefits to clients with PTSD—giving them a feeling of safety, comfort and control. Trust and safety seem to be the two words most focused on for clients with PTSD, and massage practitioners are in the unique position to build this trust with their clients.

For decades, The Soma Institute has been a leader in the healing arts profession and clinical massage therapy education. Besides treatment of soft tissue through manual manipulation, clinical massage therapy develops, maintains, and augments the physical function of the client. If you’ve ever considered a career in massage therapy, give The Soma Institute a call today to find out more. Where you end up in your career has a lot to do with where you start! Call Soma at 1-800-694-5314.