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Massage Therapist Schooling

Massage Therapist Schooling

Nationwide, the number of careers in massage therapy have increased significantly. Perhaps, as people turn to more alternative modes of healthcare, massage therapy has seen a boost. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career should grow 22% from 2014 to 2024—more than any other profession. As more information is disseminated and the benefits of massage therapy become widely acknowledged, continued growth for quality massage therapist schooling will occur.

This is the best time to embark on this exciting career. The Soma Institute in Chicago offers an 11 and 15-month Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma Program. Led by professionals with years of experience, our classes will guide you through the major elements of massage therapist schooling, including bodywork, hydrotherapy and sports massage.

If you’re looking for the training and industry support it takes to start a rewarding career at one of the most respected massage therapist schools, now is the time to take that first step.
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