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Massage Therapy Beneficial for Caregiver Stress Syndrome

Massage Therapy Beneficial for Caregiver Stress Syndrome

Caregivers are among the most stressed groups in the country. Also known as caregiver stress syndrome, the condition can feel every bit as debilitating as other serious conditions. One of the most common caregiving groups afflicted by the condition is nurses. Registered nurses—who are often on their feet for 12 hours at a time in full care-giving mode—often complain of headaches, shoulder tension, insomnia, and muscle and joint pain.

Fortunately for this invaluable group of caregivers, recent research published in the Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice showed that massage therapy for nurses during work hours can significantly reduce the symptoms associated with caregiver stress. Massage therapy can play an important role in the work setting for nurses and in turn, can help them better provide optimal care to their patients.

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